Changing Details Of A Teen Girl’s Bedroom

When you want to change the look of your daughter’s bedroom, you might want to get home renovation quotes from a few different companies depending on the details that you want to change. If the room is small, then a contractor can sometimes give you an idea about how to open the space. You could knock down part of a wall to create a recessed space in the room. This would be an area for a closet or even a desk so that your teen can do homework or have space for a computer. If there are two closets, then transform one of them into a study area or a reading nook.

There are a few things that you can make yourself with items that are probably around the house already. Make a bookcase with an older ladder by cleaning and staining or painting the wood. Place the ladder against a wall or in a corner of the room. You’re going to want to put small shelves on the rungs of the ladder so that books will stay in place. This idea will take up less space than a bookcase.

Let your teen discover a favorite color or theme for the bedroom, using accent pieces to bring these ideas to life. Ideas include a large rug with a fun design or a poster bed with the frame painted in a favorite color. Gold and brass work well in a bedroom with brighter colors. A small bedroom is one that you can transform into a cozy space. Put a small seat by a window with a soft cushion. Paint the walls in soft hues to give the space a comfortable feeling. Plush carpet is also an idea, but you need to find a contractor who can install the proper insulation under the carpet so that it will stay in place and so that anything that is spilled on the floor won’t seep through to the wood of the floor. A chandelier light and a poster bed complete the cozy look of this bedroom for your teen who enjoys relaxing during the day.

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