How to Create a Wet Room in a Small Bathroom

Knowing what to do with a small bathroom is always a challenge. Do you choose a shower over a bath, a compact shower unit, or something a little different? If you prefer showering to lying in a bath, a wet room could be the ideal solution for your needs. A wet room is for a walk-in shower and usually doesn’t have a bath. It creates much more space in the bathroom and allows you to shower in comfort without being cooped up in a tiny cubicle.

If you have a second bathroom that is an awkward shape and you are wondering how to fit in a shower cubicle, a wet room could be the solution. While also used in larger rooms, a wet room is ideally suited to a small bathroom. Here’s what you have to think about when you’re designing your wet room.

Pay Attention to the Waterproofing

A wet room needs to be waterproofed, since the water from the shower is not going to be contained within a shower cubicle. It is really important to waterproof, or tank, the whole room when you have a small bathroom. In a larger room you can get away with waterproofing a small section and using a wetroom shower screen but a small room needs the whole treatment. In order to waterproof the room you need a waterproof membrane or a backer board beneath tiles. You can do this yourself or get an expert to assist.

Do You Need a Shower Screen?

As explained above, in a larger room you can have a shower screen to protect the rest of the bathroom from water. If you have a smaller bathroom you can still add a shower screen, and this may be essential if you also have a toilet in the room. You don’t really want water from the shower splashing to toilet paper, or the towels. Ideally, the shower screen should be designed in a way that complements the sleek and modern look of the wet room. Good shower screens for wet rooms are minimalist and stylish.

Chose a Shower Tray

A wet room may not look like it has a shower tray but it is often built in below the tiles. The slope of the tray will help the water drain from the shower so you don’t get left with puddles.

Consider Underfloor Heating

If you want a truly luxurious wet room experience then you can look at underfloor heating. This is perfect for colder days and adds a touch of class to the room. It also helps to get rid of any surface water which could puddle and cause slips.